Three Fingers, Three Hands

The debut album is called “Three Fingers, Three Hands”- a reference to the amazing fact that brilliant guitarist Richard lost half a finger in an accident. It seems to have helped his playing!

Tracks are as follows:

1. Justified

2. A Little Bit Rock And Roll

3. Part Time Lover

4. Words Left Unspoken

5. Say It To Me

6. A Blues Song

7. A Little More Time

8. She’ll Come Around

9. Chromium

10. Finish Me Off

This album is not on sale presently due to discussions with music industry organisations but you can play all the tracks here. Videos of some of the tracks have been made and may eventually be released .

The next album by the band is written and recording it will commence soon.   11th Feb  2017.

Meanwhile you may contact the Band at

The Rolling Apps record at Rock on Wye Studies