January 17th at Rock-On-Wye Studios

January 17th at Rock-On-Wye Studios, Max Wilson and Ali Strong recorded their parts in four new Max Wilson songs. Once I`ve Started, Holes In The Road, Thinking About You and Night Club Floosie. You’ll be hearing these wonderful tracks soon, don’t worry!

Ali Strong takes a breather
Ali Strong takes a breather
Max In the Control Room.
Max In the Control Room.
Max in the Live Room.
Max in the Live Room.


September Track of the Month

Heres your September fix of new tracks from “the Apps” .  Yes this time you will find the band seriously “rolling”.

The other night 11 year old Cameron, lead guitarist’s Nick’s grandson came into Rock-on-Wye Studio’s and heard the new song. “Wow” quoth he, “that’s really good”. It is votes like his that mean something as far as we are concerned.

Its a physical attraction you’ll find, it makes you want to tap those feet.

Physical Attraction

EVANGELINE – August Track of the Month

It’s August, so it`s time for another new track from The Rolling Apps. This time it may surprise you! A jump of style into SKA music. The bands songwriter Max has always been a bit critical of Reggae and its precursor, Ska, because he says there are very few good tunes and to him it always seems repetitive and thus boring. Ska predated Reggae and is a cousin of Rhythm and Blues, so that is how it comes to interest our Maxie, Ali and Rik. “EVANGELINE” is the bands contribution to the genre. It should come as no surprise that it has a stonking great catchy melody! Enjoy!

Laying down a bass line

He’s back on the Job! Ali Strong has resumed his recording duties with The Rolling Apps. He went to Italy for six weeks on a music teaching assignment and made lots of friends out there.

Here he is laying down a bass line on a new song for the bands second album which will be released in total in the Autumn.

As the band doesn’t presently posses a full time bass player various people attempt the task but Ali is the best at it and the quickest!

July Track of the Month

Here’s the latest track from The Rolling Apps.

“I Brought It On Myself”, another great song by Max Wilson; this time its a bluesy slow one AND A HELL OF A STRONG TUNE! Rick Whitehouse`s guitar in the background accompanies Max who is playing a Dobro.

All very moving and emotional. Its real Blues music. Enjoy!

I Brought It On Myself

It’s June I Put All My Money On It

Its another Month gone by and The Rolling Apps are keeping their promise to entertain their fans with a new number each and every month. This time it`s another rollicking rocker. Have YOU ever gone for something in a big big way? Then sing along with this Max Wilson epic which sums that feeling up !!!

I Put All My Money On It

Mayday Mayday

Here’s another hot track from the Rolling Apps! It’s their May Day present to their followers.

The solo just seems to go from one key to another, just gathering pace; with some amazing notes from Rick’s lead guitar. Max’s rhythm drives the song along just behind. Can you hear those shakers?

Tougher Than You Look

April Track of the Month

The Rolling Apps are here to help you Rock and Roll! So here is another storming number; this time the theme is the frustrations we can experience in life; like being a great band with great music but not having widespread recognition! Sigh. Its just a matter of time, yes? IT AIN’T AS EASY AS YOU THINK.