The Rolling Apps

Presently this fantastic band is a trio comprising singer-songwriter Max Wilson,  guitarist-singer Richard Whitehouse and percussionist Alistair Strong. All three live in Herefordshire. However plans are afoot to add to the line up when they commence concert tours and playing at festivals. There is a queue of applicants to join them already!

Founder member Max Wilson has been composing great songs since the early 1980’s. He is influenced mainly by American writers such as Holland-Dozier-Holland. The band possesses a large catalogue of material they will gradually be recording.

Ali Strong
Max Wilson
Richard Whitehouse

The bands music does all the talking they need to!



Some  recent research at Birmingham University upon the efficacy of VAPING Nicotine indicates that taking just the habit forming drug alone still damages the lungs.  In any case it does seem common sense that if a dangerous habit is based upon addiction to a drug, taking that drug as a cure is a very strange piece of logic!

Max Wilson like most of his generation was on the ciggies for a long time but managed to give up by stopping entirely. His last song on the bands news album sums up his feelings upon “Vaping”, written just after a close friend announced she had emphysema.

Rick Whitehouse plays lead guitar.

Find the finished track on the Rolling Apps’ new Album Urban Bourbon

Lovin Every Time

Max Wilson’s Fender Telecaster has a little secret. 10 years ago Max had it modified by changing it’s original pick-up’s for two of the famous BRITISH pick-ups made by Seymour Duncan ! The resulting effect is a very hot instrument to play. No wonder Rick Whitehouse enjoys playing it, not to mention Ali Strong and Max. On this recording though it’s Max on the Tele through a Line 6 Pod. The number is entitled “Lovin Every Time”. Enjoy!!

Find the finished track on the Rolling Apps’ new Album Urban Bourbon



Well, here it is, THE ROLLING APPS latest album ready for you to relish. Recorded against all the odds in their humble  “Rock-On-Wye Studios” without any outside industry input, this is actually a triumph.

There ain’t a dud song or a dud note anywhere, so press your lug `oles to your phone or PC speakers and enjoy! You are back in the 1970`s when British music ruled the world; only this music has been made in the 20 teens.

Songs are all by Max Wilson. Lead guitar is nearly always by Richard Whitehouse, who plays either electric or acoustic guitar at genius level. Rhythm section is supplied by Alistair Strong except for a guest appearance of
ex-The Prowlers Ian Macdonald and his mate Bling from Bebinton on the song “Fallen On My Feet”.

What’s next? Well Richard Whitehouse keeps talking about a roots/folk album and Ali Strong likes this sort of thing. Or will folk insist the guys do more of the same? We’ll have to see.

Urban Bourbon

1, Once I’ve Started

2. Nicotine

3. Fallen On My Feet

4. Brave Face

5. Night Club Floosie

6. Loving Every Time

7.  Holes In The Road

8. Bow Down

9. The Cost  Of Loving

10. All My Other Lovers